The Academic
As an academic, Markus Hällgren defended his dissertation at Umeå School of Business and Economics in 2009, within the general area of organization theory (, with a particular focus on project organising. The dissertation dealt with the everyday practice of managing deviations in large international power-supply projects. Four years later, at the accomplished age of 36 he had spent two years at Stanford University in USA as a visiting researcher, and was found qualified for a full professorship in management at USBE. He was appointed professor in management, at the age of 36, 1st of November, 2013. More about the research here.

The Speaker
Despite(?) being an academic, he thinks he is kind of social too. This, and the interest and insights for and from projects and extreme environments such as mountaineering and emergency rooms have led to Hällgren becoming a sought-after speaker at conferences and events, for academic and public audiences alike. The basis of the talks are the relevance of looking at alternative contexts for understanding contemporary phenomena in more traditional environments, mixed with captivating stories and examples from the decade of research he have done. The idea is that once the talk is over the audience should walk-away with the nagging feeling and willingness to reflect upon what they are doing in the daily operations and life. While the topics vary as much as the insights, they include areas such as the dangers of operating in projects, how temporary ways of organizing (team work, projects) shape behavior, enterprise risk management, goal-setting and risk impact, and the bias of learning and it´s consequences on the ability to adjust to mention but a few. You find an interview here, and a short talk here. Hällgren have also written and been featured kind of often in different business journals, one example here and here.

The Practitioner
Besides the academic accomplishments Hällgren have started two companies, including a software company for decision-making. He also has a background as a consultant for various organizations. Hällgren continues to have a keen eye for innovations and the idea of starting businesses, most of the time playing with the idea of different business ventures. Currently Hällgren serves as a board member at Svenskt Projektforum (, and as a commissioner at Svenska Projektakademien ( The organizations are the main organizations in Sweden for people working and studying projects, respectively.

While having studied projects and extreme environments for more than a decade the greatest insights however comes from the wife and three children of theirs, that every day keeps him down to earth and on his toes.

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